Welcoming Juliana as our Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Juliana Bedoya has joined the ArtStarts' team as Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator. She brings the valuable insight and experience cultivated through a personal art practice in sculpture, performance and installation as well as through her work in collaboration with diverse communities and interdisciplinary teams on an international stage, within the context of art projects that effect social change.

Juliana is very excited to now be part of ArtStarts and is thrilled to offer her skills to coordinate the organization's volunteer team, an essential component of the non-profit model, and assist with the different programs and initiatives.

Juliana believes that arts help young people develop not only their own artistic skills and cultural understanding, but also encourages the development of creative problem solving skills that can be applied to other aspects of their lives.

As an artist committed to effectively voicing the visions, ideas and possible futures of each community she interacts with, she is currently an art educator and an artist in residence at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre and a member of Something Collective

ArtStarts happily welcomes Juliana to the team.