Moberly Introduces- Something Collective in The Incubator!

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Sunset Community Centre Association are pleased to announce the selection of artists for The Incubator – a three year studio residency at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre.

Something Collective is a group of five exciting artists who will activate the studio space in ways that will ripple into the Sunset neighbourhood.

Something Collective is a like-minded group of activists and artists that includes Maggie Winston (puppetry, theatre), Juliana Bedoya (sculpture, performance installation), Laura Barron (flutist, yogi, writer), Flick Harrison (media arts), and Natalie Gan (dance). They met in Judith Marcuse’s SFU course Exploring Arts for Social Change in 2010, and this shared experience has spawned various artistic collaborations in which they have addressed issues of homelessness, diversity, sustainability and consumerism.

Something Collective is thrilled to have been chosen for the Incubator Residency because they believe that there is great resonance between their artistic offerings and the expressed needs of the Moberly/Sunset community. Consequently, they are enthusiastic to bring their versatile expertise to a vibrant array of community-engaged art projects at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, and the Sunset Community Centre/Ice Rink.

Something Collective consists of:
Juliana Bedoya
Laura Barron:
Maggie Winston:
Flick Harrison:
Natalie Gan:

Cyndy Chwelos
Community Arts Programmer
Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
7646 Prince Albert St