Through The Eye of a Needle: Big Ideas Artist Residency at Ecole Pauline Johnson

From January I have been part of this exciting project where we have explored the social and environmental impact of fast fashion. Along with artist Laura Barron, the grade 6 and 7 students and the teachers form Ecole Pauline Johnson we have learned different animal and plant fibres and have accessed local ancestral knowledge that has informed our journey. See this project on Something Collective's blog:

Exhibitions at the ArtStarts Gallery

For the past 4 years I have worked as a curator and community engagement programmer for ArtStarts in Schools and have designed and facilitated different artistic experiences and professional development workshops for young people, teachers and artists interested in integrating different art forms into the curriculum in the context of the school system in British Columbia. 

Please visit this link to check present and past exhibitions.

Moss Graffiti Mural at Renfrew Community Centre

As a result of my community engagement during the month of August and September at Renfrew Community Centre, I had the chance to install the final moss graffiti mural that represents my component of the artist residency part of Our Footprint mapping project.
These mural proposal was generated after having a participatory process with community members at the lobby of the Renfrew Community Centre. Participants were invited to identify or “map” what they would like to see grow in their community, including different cultural, social and environmental issues present in their neighbourhood. We also had different photo shoot sessions where participants intended to illustrate these issues with their portraits to visually develop the proposal for this moss graffiti mural project. Other community members made sketches that also informed this final proposal.
All the information I gathered, including portraits of different community members, sketches and the comments they placed on the map where rendered to produce the moss graffiti mural piece that currently lives (literally) on the north facing wall of the centre that faces the ravine.
Community members that regularly transit this area are invited to be the stewards and care takers of this green living mural that lives in their community centre. There are spray bottles placed along the murals inviting people to "take action" and spray the wall to keep the moss alive.
This mural project was unveiled during the Moon Festival celebration on September 29 2012 and community members had the chance to interact with (or spray with water) the different pieces along the big wall of the Renfrew CC and the Vancouver Public Library.
Thanks to volunteers Cassandra Ly, Annie Liang and Brendan Chan for their support in the recollection of “urban” moss and help in the installation of these moss murals at the VPL and Renfrew CC.

Moon Festival at Renfrew Community Centre

Please read more about this project here:

Green Living Portraits of the Community at the Renfrew VPL

Read  more about this project here:

Moss Graffiti Project at Sunset Community Centre

Today, after three days of installation, we finally finished our moss graffiti project on the walls of the Sunset Community Centre. This is one of the 5 components that are part of theWe Are Here mapping project, and a result from the community engagement with the South Hill Education Centre and the Chaos Boys Club.

It was an amazing experience to facilitate this process, work with these culturally diverse groups of people and participate in making their projects come to life.
Please come and visit Sunset Community Centre to see this moss graffiti project and spray the green living art work on the walls to keep it alive!

Canada Day at Sunset Community Centre

For the second year in a row, Something Collective set up shop at the Canada Day Celebrations at Sunset Community Centre.

This was part of our ongoing project “We Are Here,” a community mapping art experiment in which we try to see the neighbourhood visually through dance, music, video, puppets and moss graffiti.

Eventually we’ll have an online, interactive map that combines all these elements into one space.