The Future of Community Arts in Vancouver

The Future of Community Arts in Vancouver

A display and celebration of the

future of community arts in Vancouver

Come down to the Woodward’s Atrium and mix and mingle with organizations involved with kids, youth and community art!

Time: Sat. Nov. 26  12 noon to 9pm

Place: Woodward’s Atrium, Hastings and Abbott

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Deer Crossing the Art Farm
Deer Crossing the Art Farm from the Sunshine Coast will be facilitating an activity of making cut outs of bodies and hanging around the atrium. Upcycled materials from packaging around logging trucks (!) that otherwise would go into the dump – bring your body and your creativity. We’ll have everything else you need.

Vancouver Society of Storytelling
A lovely storytelling living room -couch, tea, storyteller – what else would you want? Come and sit down for storytelling – and enjoy an intimate and low-impact arts activity.

12 noon – 3pm – art-making, theatre games and more!

King George Secondary Writers  The writers group at King George Secondary have been making “pixels” – small collages with images and writing that come together to make an image where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You can add your own “pixel” by making a mini-collage with your message about the Future of Community Arts. Then hang it up for all to see.
12:00-5:00pm Purple Thistle
Thistlers will facilitate making word play collages.
Environmental Youth Alliance  EYA are bringing a variety of invasive species from their gardens (and possibly English ivy from a public park). You can learn how to crochet using the invasive materials and garden tools. The activity is inspired by Sharon Kallis‘ work.

CACV Environmental Arts Activities – Our volunteers can talk with you about the projects we’ve done – and plan to do while you watch some of the examples on the video screen in the Atrium.

Some Assembly Arts Society (as Roundhouse Youth Theatre Group)

will facilitate improv theatre and games – we want a large group so come on out!

Something Collective

This artists collective from South Vancouver will facilitate an “Exquisite corpse”. What’s an exquisite corpse? Think surrealism.

Stream of Dreams Murals Society
in cooperation with the False Creek Watershed Society and St. George Greenway  will encourage you to make a silver salmon.  Take it home. Give it to a stranger. Display it in the atrium. Your choice.

False Creek Watershed Society
St. George Creek & Greenway >www.mtpleasantwatershed/
1:30-3:00pm  Van Van the Chinatown BIA’s Mascot will be there to met and greet you.
2:30-3pm 65th BIRTHDAY CAKE

Meet the Community Arts Council of Vancouver – Join CACV Board members for a walkabout and enjoy a slice of birthday cake (vegan carrot cake – yum!) too.


Arts Umbrella will have a display of their programs with kids and youth
Green Thumb Theatre will provide school house structures for kids to decorate – part of their campaign with the Vancouver School Board to restore Carleton House School. Read the Vancouver Sun story about this project.
Urban Native Youth Association – Overly Creative Minds Program
Drumming, some art pieces/artisan pieces for sale
W2 Community Media Arts

W2 has helped us set up video presentations on the Atrium video machines.
A special meal will be available at W2 Media Cafe- $7 gives you vegan or meat flatbread with salad.
W2 are also “baking us a cake” – Vegan carrot cake – coming up – come by at 3pm and have a slice – singing Happy Birthday appreciated but optional!
Want to get involved?  Please contact to let us know how you’d like to be involved.
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Meet others who are passionate about young people engaged with community arts:
Community Arts in Vancouver: the Future
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Facebook Page: Future of Community Arts (Vancouver)

Who?  Here are some of the organizations who are participating:


King George Secondary Writers
Purple Thistle
St. George Creek & Greenway  www.mtpleasantwatershed/
Some Assembly Arts Society 
Stream of Dreams Murals Society 

UNYA – Overly Creative Minds Program
Check out Woodward’s Atrium
W2 Media Cafe link
Calgary Herald coverage of Occupy Vancouver meeting in Atrium click here
Walking Home Project shows various views of the Atrium incluidng from the top of the staircase. Click here.

Come to Our Open Studio on Nov. 20 at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre

You’re invited to Something Collective’s Nov. 20th Open Studio, from 4-7 pm, at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.
Something Collective Open Studio
Nov. 20th, 4-7 pm
Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre
7646 Prince Albert St.
As friends, neighbors and colleagues of Something Collective, we are inviting you to the celebration of our new Incubator Residency at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.  Our like-minded group of activists and artists includes Maggie Winston (puppetry, theatre), Juliana Bedoya (sculpture, performance installation), Laura Barron (flutist, yogi, writer), Flick Harrison (media arts), and Natalie Gan (dance).  We are excited to serve the Sunset community over these next three years, by bringing our versatile expertise to a vibrant array of community-engaged art projects.  In order to maintain an active presence in the community, we are hosting three annual open studios, at our new collective space, on 7646 Prince Albert St. (one east of Fraser, at 59th).  The first of these takes place on Sunday, November 20th, from 4-7 pm.  There will be refreshments for all, as each of us shares work from our individual art practices.  We also look forward to discussing some of our plans for future community art projects, and we invite you to share ideas about this community’s passions and interests so that we can better meet the needs of the Sunset neighbourhood.

(The open studio will also be accessible on the avatar chat network Blue Mars Lite in the room called Something Collective. Download and prepare yourself ahead of time! Thanks to Jeremy Turner for turning me on to it…)
We hope to see you there!
Maggie, Juliana, Laura, Flick, & Natalie

Canada Day at Sunset Community Centre, Vancouver BC - July 1st, 2011

Sunset Community Centre held it's annual Canda Day Event on July 1, bringing thousands of community members together to celebrate in the Sun!

Something Collective, the resident artists at Moberly Arts & Cultual Centre were out in full force providing community members the opportunity to contribute to the making of the flag. Come view the completed flag at the Sunset Community Centre along with a formal introdution to who Something Collective is!

eatART: Power the VAG

I would like to invite you to Power the VAG, a Kinetic Sculpture Art Show Powered by People and the Sun.

On July 16th from I will be generating electricity by pedaling a bicycle generator. This electrical energy will provide power to an art show in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery! For every watt of electricity I generate, money will go towards a good cause:
spreading Energy Awareness through Art. Your generous donation will go towards eatART, a Canadian Charity that is focused on building and using audacious art projects as educational tools to spread a message of energy awareness to the public.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the following link:

If you prefer, you can also bring your donation to the event or just come and join us!

For more information about the event, please visit the following link:

Or the eatART web page:

I hope to see you at the Vancouver Art Gallery this Saturday!


Juliana Bedoya

Some photos of the event...

Moberly Introduces- Something Collective in The Incubator!

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Sunset Community Centre Association are pleased to announce the selection of artists for The Incubator – a three year studio residency at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre.

Something Collective is a group of five exciting artists who will activate the studio space in ways that will ripple into the Sunset neighbourhood.

Something Collective is a like-minded group of activists and artists that includes Maggie Winston (puppetry, theatre), Juliana Bedoya (sculpture, performance installation), Laura Barron (flutist, yogi, writer), Flick Harrison (media arts), and Natalie Gan (dance). They met in Judith Marcuse’s SFU course Exploring Arts for Social Change in 2010, and this shared experience has spawned various artistic collaborations in which they have addressed issues of homelessness, diversity, sustainability and consumerism.

Something Collective is thrilled to have been chosen for the Incubator Residency because they believe that there is great resonance between their artistic offerings and the expressed needs of the Moberly/Sunset community. Consequently, they are enthusiastic to bring their versatile expertise to a vibrant array of community-engaged art projects at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, and the Sunset Community Centre/Ice Rink.

Something Collective consists of:
Juliana Bedoya
Laura Barron:
Maggie Winston:
Flick Harrison:
Natalie Gan:

Cyndy Chwelos
Community Arts Programmer
Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre
7646 Prince Albert St

Pacificanto, The Song of the Whales. Zipaquira, Colombia, 2003

A Collaboration with composer Huascar Barradas, Soprano Martha Senn, Pianist Pablo Arevalo, Scientist Dr. Jorge Reynolds, visual artist Rolf Abderhalden and visual artist Juliana Bedoya.

PACIFICANTO from Mapa Teatro on Vimeo.

Archive: (Spanish):

Hace millones de años las minas de sal de Zipaquirá fueron parte del mar, los próximos 27 y 28 de septiembre, la Catedral de Sal de esta ciudad, será el escenario de Pacificando. Este evento es una cantata de música colombiana escenificada, que presentará a la mezzosoprano Martha Senn, cantando con las voces en vivo de las ballenas que llegan al Pacífico colombiano.

Hace millones de años las minas de sal de Zipaquirá fueron parte del mar, los próximos 27 y 28 de septiembre, la Catedral de Sal de esta ciudad, será el escenario de Pacificanto. Este evento es una cantata de música colombiana escenificada, que presentará a la mezzosoprano Martha Senn, cantando con las voces en vivo de las ballenas que llegan al Pacífico colombiano.

Los cantos de ballenas, captadas vía satélite por boyas denominadas oídos del mar , también harán parte del espectáculo una variada gama de flautas a cargo de Huáscar Barradas, (maestro venezolano compositor de la obra), el pianista colombiano Pablo Arévalo, los efectos videográficos del también colombiano Rolf Abderhalden de Mapa Teatro y el performance e instalación de la artista Juliana Bedoya.

Los textos incluyen citas poéticas de Pablo Neruda y Enrique Buenaventura, así como fragmentos en lenguas aborígenes de esta zona del país. Esta es una iniciativa que busca generar recursos para destinarlos a la salud y educación de niños desplazados por la violencia. Pacificando se presentará en dos funciones, una matinal a las 11:00 a.m., y una matiné a las 3:00 p.m. Será transmitido en directo por los canales nacionales y regionales, el domingo 28 a las 4:00 p.m. Informes: 2573300.

Sección Cultura y entretenimiento
20 de septiembre de 2003

Welcoming Juliana as our Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

Juliana Bedoya has joined the ArtStarts' team as Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator. She brings the valuable insight and experience cultivated through a personal art practice in sculpture, performance and installation as well as through her work in collaboration with diverse communities and interdisciplinary teams on an international stage, within the context of art projects that effect social change.

Juliana is very excited to now be part of ArtStarts and is thrilled to offer her skills to coordinate the organization's volunteer team, an essential component of the non-profit model, and assist with the different programs and initiatives.

Juliana believes that arts help young people develop not only their own artistic skills and cultural understanding, but also encourages the development of creative problem solving skills that can be applied to other aspects of their lives.

As an artist committed to effectively voicing the visions, ideas and possible futures of each community she interacts with, she is currently an art educator and an artist in residence at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre and a member of Something Collective

ArtStarts happily welcomes Juliana to the team.