Art Grows Community

Something Collective hosted an open studio session in The Incubator on Sunday, Nov 20, opening the doors to community members and like minded artists to share and discuss arts engagement with the Sunset Community. Something Collective artist, Juliana Bedoya created this text based piece out of moss on the concrete foundation at the art centre- one of the many guiding principles that inform their practice. 


Artrike is a pedal-powered, multi-functional stage intended for community-engaged theatre productions and inter-discuplinary performances. Artists Juliana Bedoya (sculpture and performance installation), Maggie Winston (puppetry and theatre) and Laura Barron (music and creative writing) are currently developing plans for the construction of this stage, in partnership with the Capstone Students from UBC Mechanical Engineer Faculty and the engineering art lab, eatArt. This emissions-free creation will be an active piece of mobile art that provides a space for collaboration, innovation and education. The structure is scheduled to be completed by the April of 2012 with plans to stage its first production in the summer of 2012, thanks to a generous donation from the JT Foundation.

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