Art for Impact - HOUSE AWAKE

The Tent (Installation Project for House Awake - Chapel Arts, December 9th 2010):
Most of my work has been developed from my relationship with the textile medium, the garment and its metaphoric power. Textiles have the potential to communicate and build complex layers of social meaning, addressing the “body politic” as it appears in subjects such as culture and identity. The Tent is an exploration through the garment and the possible social connotations of clothing as a collective unit, as a “social fabric” that also questions the material culture of contemporary society. Positioned close to the body, clothing also occupies architectural and political space. This piece has been generated from the different perceptions of the public and the private spaces we inhabit (including our garments), looking to transform our experience of architecture and our notions of home, homelessness and hope. I built a shelter out of pieces of used clothing that had meaning and functionality in relationship with the bodies that wore them once. Thanks to all the people who participated in this project donating their own clothing.

C'undua Project: Public Art Project developed with the community from Usaquen, Colombia.

Public Art Project developed in collaboration with Rolf Abderhalden and the community from Usaquen, Colombia. It was developed from the experiences and narrative stories (sound, video, photography, book making, etc) that resulted from the different encounters with the groups of youth, adults and seniors from the community that populated and settled down in the quarries.
Multidisciplinary research and community based public art installation. United Nations Development Program in partnership with the City of Bogota Mayor’s Office. Bogota, Colombia. 2001